SEO Services (White Hat SEO)

If you are searching for premium SEO services in Lahore, Pakistan, then you have landed at the perfect place. If you want your newly established website to rank on the top on the first page of Google or if you are looking for higher sales, potent business leads then our SEO services in Lahore are well suited for all your business needs.

About Seven Solution:

Seven Solution was established in 2005, and from there since it has been providing premium services in SEO, Digital Marketing for over a time span of 10 years till date and is an established IT company. Our portfolio showcases a good range of services comprising but not only limited to Website Design & Development, Web Marketing & Advertising, SEO, SEM, Applications Development, Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration.

Why You Need SEO Services:

If you own a website either newly created or established one, you must apply Search Engine Optimization for them. SEO is a must to do in order to achieve rank higher on the first page of Google, as it is evident that out of Billions of  web pages if you are not on the first page or the first three pages at most of Google, then you are out of business. So you need a reliable business partner who can understand your business type and we will provide you tailored made SEO Services in Lahore for your business growth.

What We Deliver:

  • Keyword Research:

                              Keyword Research is the first step in doing your SEO right. Keywords are the terms which people use for while searching their desired search results. If you tap on to the right keywords then you will get the relevant traffic and visitors as intended. And our team makes sure that SEO revolves around the relevant keywords.

  • Competitor/ Environmental Analysis:

                                                        This is the next step after keyword Research, in which insights are gained regarding the traffic, bid rate and the lucrativeness of the keywords. Moreover, a competitor analysis is performed in order to know which keywords are trending in the local industry.

  • Website Audit & On Page SEO:

                                                  After finalizing the right keywords, we do a complete audit of your website and ensure it has no crawling errors, is mobile friendly, it’s permalinks are correct, in fact we do everything which is related to On Page Optimization. On Page Optimization is referred to all the techniques and standards which are a pre requisite for search engines. If you lack the required outlook, operating mechanism, Google throws your webpages into trash and there is no point of optimizing if On Page SEO is not correct.

  • Content Development:

                                   Afterwards Website Audit and On Page SEO, comes content development. Our team of professionals of SEO Services in Lahore develops fresh, free from plagiarism and well-intended content which is relevant to your website and is understood well by the Search Engine bots. In this way you get interest of visitors and moreover stay safe from penalties by search engines.

  • Off Page SEO:

                       The Final Step is Off Page SEO, which differs from On Page SEO, as it exploits all the other marketing mediums present to advertise your offerings to the world. We make sure your brand identity is well perceived and gets attention from your customers present online.

Finally, restating that our SEO Services in Lahore are the best value for money and will help in significant growth of your business.

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