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Where is the best SEO company in Lahore?

Premium SEO Services in Lahore, SEO Services in Lahore Get No.1 SEO Company (2020)

Search Engine Optimization also is known as SEO is the first and foremost step to be taken during and after a website is published. SEO deals with the aesthetics, visual outlook, systematic functioning, and algorithms on which Search Engine’s web Crawlers work. Our company Seven Solution makes it possible for your website to rank higher on the front page of search engines, specifically Google (as it has the highest number of traffic and users), through our best white hat SEO Services in Lahore. Our SEO Services in Lahore focus on quality rather than quantity as we use White Hat SEO Techniques which give you long term and sustained rankings and keeps you out of harm’s way from Search Engine’s Penalties, unlike Black Hat SEO which gives instant results but is later thrashed by Google and other search engines for being spammy and penalties are imposed which result in the steep downfall of the website in ranking and is difficult to recover from it.

Overview of Packages

We provide market competitive SEO Packages in Lahore, which are affordable and prove to be a good value for money. Our Packages come in three variants which are Basic SEO Package, Advanced SEO Plan, and Premium Plan which costs Rs 25,000, Rs 30,000, and Rs 35,000 respectively. Our SEO Services in Lahore assure you that we would be a profitable business partner for your business.5 views

Link Building a Strategy of Past or Future?

Link Building a Strategy of Past or Future?

Everyone wants their website to rank on top of the first page of Google and be the focal point of attention of the online audience, for this beloved goal of many, SEO enthusiasts have relied mainly on building Back Links to get higher rankings in search engines. Links are centred around a couple of keywords and they are used to send traffic to the website and by doing so the Domain Authority of the website also increases significantly. Back then in the days SEO was easy and was centred around Traditional Backlinking techniques to get success in higher rankings but now as SEO has evolved so have the techniques involved. Our Company Seven Solution has researched several ways to get good attention to your website and which do not require any links. Briefly, by using Link Building and some new link free tactics results can be worth the effort.

The Transformation in Link Building

Back in the early days of SEO, a great number of marketers widely used link building techniques and they also used to go to unethical lengths which included buying different low-quality robotic links from online link providing websites and link farming. SEO professionals were overstuffing links into their website content, and they were also using links from different websites irrespective of category and quality. Everyone was after “Quantity” and “Quality” seemed to be rare. As Google is always updating its algorithms for the better online experience of its users, so it took notice of all theses spammy techniques for backlinking and penalized several websites. After the Google Penguin update, Google keeps a firm focus on the quality and intent of backlinks and thus backlinking is now quality-focused and still an integral part of SEO strategy. But still, a question arises that why should the whole of your SEO strategy be focused on Link Building when there are a handful of ways which are thoroughly researched by our SEO Services in Lahore and have proved premium rankings for clients.

What Else? If Not Links.

Linkbuilding is a good way to start your  SEO development but as new updates are making there way you should also go towards “Linkless ways” to make your brand known and ranked. Furthermore, algorithms have largely put their focus on improved user experience on websites which include quality of content, the relevance of content to client’s search. Our SEO Services in Lahore are quality focused.  The Linkless ways as discussed in the previous lines are the following.

·         Brand Mentions

·         Brand Reviews

·         Influencer Marketing

·         Social Media Marketing

Brand Mentions

Brand Mentions are, when your customers are giving positive feedback about your brand online, this could be a mention in a discussion and when people are talking about your brand their acquaintances also search your Brand’s name on Google which not only increases traffic on your website but also familiarizes search engines with your brand identity leading to higher rankings. Moreover, you can also provide citations of your business on different websites so that search engines have a lot of information for your site, in return, this would help in higher rankings.

Brand Reviews

Where the internet has provided a lot of information to the users and sometimes it becomes difficult to choose from the products and services which are offered online and potential customers are looking for credibility. Here comes the role of Google My Business, Yelp and other social platforms which show realtime reviews of existing customers of brands, a lot of people choose based on reviews provided on these platforms, as well as, Search Engines provide more Authority to websites based on the activities on these platforms. But there is a word of caution from our SEO Services in Lahore, that is to keep your platforms natural and avoid deleting comments of disgruntled customers, in fact courteously reply them and solve their problems, this would make your brand trustworthy for your clients.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the new trend these days. As Celebrity endorsement can give a significant push to your brand as the curious audience will search for your brand and if they would be interested they would surely make the purchase decision.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has proved to be highly effective in Brand Building. It opens a window of communication between a brand and it’s customers. Not only this, but social media also builds relationships between clients and brands and successful relationships end up in driving sales and generating revenue. Our SEO Company in Lahore has been catering all the digital marketing needs of our clients through our premium  Digital Marketing  Services in Lahore.

Transforming the Way in Link Building

There is no doubt that links are still a fundamental factor in getting the credibility and Domain Authority for your website but the way to make backlinks has also entered a transition phase in which relevant links from high domain authority and credible sites are the keys to success. Moreover, the need to move to Brand Mentions, Brand Reviews, Social Media Marketing must be acted upon for a success that lasts. Finally, a bonus tip from our SEO Services in Lahore is to use long-tail keywords for SEO optimization as voice search is slowly and gradually changing the old dynamics of ranking based on short or single keywords.seoSEO Services In LahoreseopackagesinlahoreSEOAgencyinLahoreSEO Company In Lahoreseo servicesJul 3rd, 2020


Seven Solution provides best SEO Services in Lahore in economical rates. We practice White Hat SEO techniques and guarantee long term success.
Seven Solution provides best SEO Services in Lahore in economical rates. We practice White Hat SEO techniques and guarantee long term success.

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Best Web Designing Course in Rawalpindi

Your Website is a focal point of getting business for your company. In today’s world, people turn to internet for all of their queries and it everything is linked to internet of things. We, here in Uskills enable you to get hold of these technical skills and work as a professional or do free lancing or manage your own business after getting educated from the web designing course.

Outline for Web Designing Course:

The web designing course we are offering comes with the following modules:

  • Introduction to Web Designing
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Html Templates
  • Notepad Plus
  • Notepad
  • Dreamweaver
  • Practice Based Course



AUTOCAD is a computer aided design (CAD) program   used for 2-d and 3-d design and drafting . AUTOCAD developed and marketed by autodesk  inc. AUTOCAD was one of the first CAD program that could executed on personal computer



AUTOCAD is a computer-aided software drafting program . AUTOCAD used for number of application like creating blue prints, bridges and computer chip to name of a few.AUTOCAD is 2D and 3D computer is aided drafting software application AUTOCAD is a commercial computer


Learning CAD can be Difficult

first CAD program are not easy to learn ….some parametric and 3D CAD application and fairly steep learning curves.due to there complexity,the commitment to learn is longer.CAD program such as, AUTOCAD and 3DS max,can have up to 1500 to 3000 commands within the program


web development courses

 What is Meant by web development courses ?

WEB DEVELOPMENT  broadly refers to the tasks associated with development website for hosting via intranet or intranet.

WEB DEVELOPMENT process includes web design,web content development client-side/server-side scripting and network security;among other tasks.

web design company in pakistan

Web Development Courses in Rawalpindi

WEB DEVELOPMENT COURSES in oct3; 2018 offer in Rawalpindi and Islamabad for 100% practical training classes for web developer at PHP Mysq!

How We Learn Fast Web Development ?

30 Tips to Learn Web development in 30 Days

1. start a website. the best way start to learning web development is to start doing it. every thing you can. start reading. An Effective communicator.

4.subscribe to tuts+ & Envato elements.

5.think in HTLM. with code at code academy.

7.learn to understand SSC.

8.apply your development skills to the web . attention to websites to love.

10.draw a wire frame.

11.take sometime to learn sketch.

12.stay up to data with technology.

13.get comfortable with SEO. with website builders.

15.find a minter.

16.join the code pen a community.

17.take a class.

18.want to do something?Google it. attention to the user experience. attention to development trends.

21.create without colour.

22.learn to love google fronts.

23.pick apart a UI  kit.

24.become a typographer.

25.jump into java script.

26.update your portfolio.

27.challenge yourself.

28. maximise your experience.

29.ask for feedback.

30.keep learning new thing.

How can I learn full web development

Learn Complete Web Development From Scratch

There are six points

1. learn HTML and SSC.

2.master java script and jQuery.


4.learn to build  web app using Yii.

5.understand the use and application of XML, JSON & Ajax. great web and sites.

Off Page SEO Outline 2019

Off Page is impotent and major part of Work at SEO get high quality back link with ranking of improvement about SEO , Off Page SEO Outline 2019

Our top 10 off Page SEO Outline 

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Blogging
  3. Social Bookmarking Website
  4. Business Listing Website
  5. Video Sharing Website
  6. Image Sharing Website
  7. Forms Website

Get 7 Ways of about High Quality Website Back link. Off Page SEO Outline 2019